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Production work will not be carried out until the requested deposit has been paid. Payment of the deposit will confirm your acceptance of the terms and conditions. Once the Goods have been submitted and work has been carried out, it cannot be cancelled. Should it under some circumstances, be agreed by the Supplier to cancel an order, cancellation charges for the work carried out would be deducted from the submitted payment before a refund is issued. You may normally cancel your order (once accepted by the Supplier) for any reason up to the point of the work being carried out. This must be within 30 days of submitting the order. We will not be liable for missed appointments that lead to items not being ready for the intended deadline. At the point of fittings or collection, if the Customer wishes to make design/fabrication changes to the Goods, which differ from those originally specified, then additional charges will apply. Where weight loss/gain or pregnancy is a factor, please make us aware as any additional alterations due to this will incur additional charges. Where you supply Fabric or by agreeing to use a Fabric, you are agreeing they are fit for the intended purpose.

On collection, the Customer is obliged to try on the garment and inspect it thoroughly for any defects. Only Goods deemed faulty at the time of collection may be considered for additional alterations. All Customers are required to collect their Goods within 60 days once they have received notification that their Goods are ready to collect. Failure to collect will result in the Goods being disposed of. We cannot accept responsibility for Goods that do not fit after the notification period as the Goods are tailored to the Customer’s measurements at the time of submitting the Goods. All outstanding balances must be paid in full prior to leaving the premises. We cannot accept responsibility for any further or remedial alterations connected to the original work more than 7 days after collection and final settlement.

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